Indiana Politician Proclaims Girl Scouts a “Radical Pro-Abortion” Organization

Indiana Rep. Robert Morris is fighting for the American people. He’s making clear distinctions between what’s right and what’s wrong, good and evil if you will, and topping his list of evil is the Girl Scouts of America. It isn’t enough for the Indiana Republican to make workers lives miserable, he wants their children to […]

Santorum dominates 2012 culture wars (MSNBC)

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Here is the transcript of the video:

>>> leading the parade of accusation, rick santorum as you heard who is taking quite a aliking as depicting the president in fashion.

>> radical ls in the white house . extremist. they have radical ideas. radical agendas. the radical. radical secular ideals of the left. extremists.

>> that’s the language santorum likes to use on the campaign trail as of late to cast the president’s values as outside the mainstream. if it reminds you of some of the rhetoric in 2008 , they may be exactly as santorum wants it.

>> went to reverend wright’s church for 20 years. you can question what kind of theology reverend wright has. it’s a christian church . he says he goes a christian church now.

>> the reverend franklin graham was challenged on his view of the president’s faith on ” morning joe .”

>> you do not believe he’s a muslim?

>> no. categorically.

>> i can’t say categorically because islam has gotten a free pass.

>> why shouldn’t they get a free pass here. it’s a legitimate faith after all. graham said the president has not done enough to protect christian minorities overseas. as for why he can’t categorically say the president is not a muslim, graham said he takes the president at his word that he’s a christian. by the way, same goes for mitt romney .

>> what about mitt romney ?

>> i like him.

>> is he a christian?

>> he’s a mormon. most christians do not recognize mormonism as part of the christian faith .

>> he’s not a christian be.

>> most mormchristians do not recognize it.

>> he used it as a contrast between himself and the obama administration.

>> i can assure you as someone who is understood very personally the significance of religious tolerance and religious freedom and the right to one’s on conscience, i will make sure that we never again attack religious liberty in the united states of america if i’m president.

>> now, with the religious rhetoric heating up, leave it tot stephen colbert to call up a speech. he said satan is at war with america because america is so good.

>> if you were satan who would you attack in this day and age? there’s no one else to go after other than the united states .

>> that’s right, folks. the only ones satan is taking is us. god’s favorite country. all the bad stuff happening in the other parts of the world, starvation, genocide slavery, that’s not satan , so it must be god working in mysterious ways.

>> enough fire and brimstone for you. apparently mitt romney felt the say way giving michiganers his fave it tune. for purple mountains majesty across the plains

>> i love america .

>> there was no melody that time of around, his go to anthem. let’s bring in our panel from washington. david corn , washington bureau chief for ” mother jones ” magazine and jonathan capehart. we give you a lot of red meat to comment on this afternoon. jonathan , let’s start with you, our new bearded friend.

>> hello.

>> santorum tossed out reverend wright. we were thinking all right.

>> right, no pun intended. we’re talking about reverend wright when i’m sure and i lot of people expected reverend wright would be one of the characters on stage during the general election . this is bringing up reverend wright and all of the red meat that you’re talk about that we have been listening to this entire campaign season but definitely this weekend is all about ginning up interest in the base because that’s what strick santorum and mitt romney will need if they quantity to get the nomination to go afterpresident obama in the general election . the only problem i see is that can these guys go so far to the right that they can’t do the traditional republican strategy. i think he pivots toward the center. they will still be far right.

>> david , santorum has the apron on right now. he is tossing out a lot of red meat . he’s brought up issues including environmentalism, birth control , prenatal testing and we have president obama just talking about that issue of reverend wright. when you look back two months, are we looking at a different santorum today?

>> this is rick santorum . this is rick unleashed, unplugged. he’s been a very consistent politician for the last couple of years. he is a social conservative warrior. the interesting thing, richard, if we had him on the show right now, you’d have to ask him give what he said about satan ataking the united states that stephen colbert put into play, he’s talking about obama having a radical theology and trying to destroy the united states . he’s put out if fundraisers this is a reduction of our lifetime. it’s barack obama part of a satanic plot against america . it sounds like a silly question to put to somebody but given what he said it’s quite series. you have to wonder how it will play with suburban single mom voters in cincinnati come the fall.

>> he’s saying it so seriously. as david is saying, this is who rick santorum is. is he forgetting he’s talking to be the entire country when he’s at the rally making these statements on air?

>> i think you can see when rick santorum is listening to his staff and when he’s riffing and really being himself. when he tries to talk about fiscal responsibility or that kind of thing. when he was in the senate he voted for every george w. bush program. he voted for no child left behind . she’s seen as a big government conservative to people who care about the fiscal issues. when rick santorum is truly being rick santorum , this is what he truly believes in his gut. he thinks that the country should be govened by a set of religious values and he forgets that the people in the room applauding believes that too, but he forget he’s talking to an entire country that likes women to have jobs and birth control and have a life outside of marriage.

>> too far right at this point?

>> i think there are three republican parties . there’s the sort of elite, sort of money wing of the party that has mitt romney . there’s the is what i call the archie bunker wing. then there’s the evangelical wing of the party that george w. bush used to turn four million extra of them out in 2000 to win. i think that’s the wing of the party that rick santorum lives in and speaks for.

>> and trying to lock them up in his latest statements. jonathan , mitt romney is the one that you have to ask. as he gets paninted into the corner, what do you think here? what does mitt need to do now in.

>> oh, my god. poor mitt romney who is supposed to be the candidate going back as far as 2008 and maybe a couple of weeks ago. he’s done everything possible to appeal to the conservative base of the republican party and time and time again, that base is saying to him, we’re not buying what you’re selling because we don’t believe you believe in what you’re selling. that’s why i think rick santorum , as david said, this is rick santorum unplugged, unleashed. when you listen to what he says, you know he believes what he says. mitt romney ‘s problem is every time he says something such as i love cars, i like trees.

>> trees.

>> you really wonder does he really believe what he’s saying. does he really truly believe this? that’s his problem.

>> david , when we look at who is being painted as the other, before it was president obama in some cases, mitt romney , when you look at the two right now, who does this hurt the most at the moment given the way the arguments have been framed when you look at the issues of religi religi religion?

>> i think mitt romney is in a lot of difficulty because of the things jonathan said. what is barack obama talki ining about? he’s talking about jobs, committ economy, american visions, state of the union address . he’s talking about class. he’s talking about things that appeal to independent voters and that also have the potential to rev up the base that’s been disappointed with him in some instances the over the past couple of years. mitt romney is being dragged further and further and further to planet santorum . he just —

>> not the moon?

>> he has to stop an avalanche on the right. he’s doing it with rick santorum . he has to talk their language. as jonathan said, it’s moving him so far to the right, he’s leaving a really strong impression with anybody who is paying attention. he’s just lucky right now that have yet to tune in. anyone that is paying attention is getting disappointed in mitt romney .

>> we have months to go. we have until november. quickly, how much worse might this get?

>> if you go on like this another two or three months, it could go to the convention shs mitt romney could be damaged and almost unable to do what you’re talking about.

>> jonathan .

>> i agree with david . if you mean how bad this can get in general in terms of rhetoric. this is the act. we have much worse to come.

>> i think what you have is these candidates all fighting over about 25 to 30% of country that are angry and dislike barack obama . they are seeding the entire rest of the playing field to the obama campaign . if santorum continues to talk like this, i think he will collapse under his own weight and romney still has the best chance of getting the nomination. how weak will he be when two-thirds of the party are very cool toward him. that’s going to be a problem.

>> does this endanger the narrative for the gop nominee as they go to the general?

>> because mitt romney has staked his entire campaign on the economy. if the economy is not as bad as they say it is, what is his other reason for running.

>> rick santorum has a real cause. he’s got a crusade. romney doesn’t have that.

>> not much to talk about on this tuesday afternoon. thank you so much.

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